“Meeting Lucy, and the rest of the team at BBG, have been truly life-changing for me. At 40, I had enjoyed more than 10 years of over-indulgence with a growing family and little or no exercise. I was very aware, and unhappy, about the person I had become – there is no ‘before’ photograph as I avoided any chance of being caught on camera. I had been through a few years of joining and then failing to attend various gyms in the area.

One evening, a friend extolled the virtues of BBG, where he had achieved great success in shedding many pounds. I followed his suggestion and popped into the gym when they had first opened at Bat and Ball. Chris Wharton took me around, introduced me to Lucy and suggested that my goals were entirely achievable. I was skeptical, but I thought that it couldn’t hurt to give this PT lark a try. Well, some hundreds of sessions later, what can I say – more than 3 stone lighter, frustrated if I have failed to fit at least an hour of exercise into my day and generally happier with life.

Lucy has cajoled, encouraged and beasted me into a shape that I have never before enjoyed, as well as guiding my rehabilitation from various injuries. The gym itself is a fabulous facility, that I have always found welcoming and in no way intimidating. ”



Sevenoaks Personal Trainer

Blackheath Personal Trainer