Up until a few years ago I woke up every day feeling pretty lean. Spending 10-12 hours a day on the gym floor made it very difficult to put on weight (cue tiny violins). Seriously though, look at it this way. If you trained 10 clients a day, and demonstrated 15 exercises per hour, with 2-4 demo reps of each exercise, that’s between 300 and 600 reps per day! Even with a relatively low load, that’s a lot of energy required. Combine that with all of the walking around, and changing weights/equipment, and not having much time to eat, it’s easy to see why ‘Personal Trainers’ find it easier to keep off body fat than the rest of us.

However, as you can imagine, the more trainers and centres we took on, the less I time I spent on the gym floor, with the majority of my day being spent in an office staring at a screen like everyone else!

Sprinkle in a bit of ageing and hey presto, that little bit of derby fat started multiplying.

Noting that I am no longer 21, and that my day had become substantially more sedentary I decided to practice what I preach and employ a Personal Trainer. I did this for the following reasons;

  1. I hate training alone.
  2. Having someone ‘Making’ me do the training meant I got bundles more out of my sessions.
  3. Being accountable in any aspect of my life drastically helps increase motivation.
  4. I hate letting people down.
  5. The trainers are ALL now so well read and experienced that their training knowledge has now surpassed mine.

And so it began. I joined in with our latest 6 week transformation, only this time I used PT’s throughout.

Having a somewhat wonkey schedule meant training with a selection of the team. I am however, a big fan of mixing it up. The fact that all of our workouts are recorded means it matters more about training with who you gel with, than it does exercise selection.

So I sat down with Jas and Dan and discussed my goals. To drop a bit of body fat and prepare for a Muay Thai fight.

The caveat with me is that I like to socialise a lot. And in my case that means drinking more than I probably should. Unwilling to spend 6 weeks on the wagon, my trainers simply adjusted my weekly caloric target to account for the occasionally beer….or two.

It’s important to remember that so called ‘diets’ only work if you can;

  1. Stick to them
  2. Maintain a continued calorie deficit over time.

No matter how ‘healthily’ you eat, you WILL NOT lose weight if you exceed your daily calorie limit. So forget about cutting out whole food groups and completely banishing ‘treats’ and create a nutrition plan you can stick too.

Anyway here’s how I did it-

  • Over 6 weeks, I trained 3 times a week with a trainer for an hour a pop.
  • I did whatever they told me.
  • I ate within my calorie limit 80% of the days (ok maybe 75%)
  • I fasted in the mornings (personal preference; I don’t usually eat until 12pm, but that’s another blog post altogether).
  • I still went out 2-3 times a week but made a much bigger effort on the other days, keeping my weekly calorie intake way below my target.
  • I did one Muay thai or Krav Maga session each week.

So that’s it. 6 weeks (with 1 week holiday in the middle :)), 4kg down, with some considerable increase in muscle mass.

Unfortunately I picked up a knee injury (my own fault) so i’m having to spend a bit of time with the rehab team now before I can get back in the ring 🙁 Give me six more weeks and I will update you.

A huge thank you to Dan Phoenix and Jas Sandhu for being my main trainers, with Darren Holness, Joe Birch, Bex Francis and James Allen also taking sessions.

On a final note. Jason and I have trained and employed nearly 100 trainers over the last 10 years, and I must say, there is something special about this group. Spending time with these guys on the gym floor just makes me all the more confident that team BBG are THE best group of trainers in the land! You are in very very safe hands.