How did you hear about the Better Body Group?

I was looking for a good gym to cater my needs, to lose weight and tone up. Better Body seemed to do just that, so I popped along and haven’t stopped coming.

How long have you been training at BBG?

Probably just over a year or so.

Who is your trainer (or trainers)?

I am with Ollie.

Why did you start training with us and how has it improved/changed your life?

I wanted to improve my lifestyle to become fitter and healthier. To help in all sporting aspects as well as self esteem. Ollie has constantly provided encouragement and continues to do so. He has set me goals which I have met, and now together we’ll achieve new ones.



Words from Ollie;

Abraham has been an absolute pleasure to work with, always taking on board advice and never complaining about any of the cruelties I put him through! His hard work and determination to achieve his goals has led him to drop 11kg this year, along with big reductions in measurements such as 10cm around the abdomen and 11cm off the hips!

A big well done to Abraham for the results he’s achieved. We can both now look forward to a new phase of training with new goals to build strength and muscle.