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Control Your Weight with Snack Management

Controlling your weight and diet takes dedication and careful planning, but one way in which you can help to add a greater element of control is to change your snacking habits. This can be helped with our tailor made Weight Loss Programs. We all suffer from time to time with snacking when we shouldn’t. What [...]

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Classes at our Sevenoaks Gym

Fitness and exercise should never be boring and at the Better Body Group Sevenoaks Gym, we offer a wide range of services, from personal training for one-on-one sessions, to nutritional advice and a range of classes. For some people classes at our gym provide an enticing option either as an addition to utilising the experience [...]

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Personal Training Sessions to Assist with Weight Loss

Weight loss is a tough ask for anyone, but with the right advice, guidance and exercise with a personal trainer supporting you it is achievable. It’s also much easier to lose weight than it is to maintain those new standards and at the Better Body Group we understand that success in weight loss is about [...]

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Benefits of Soft Tissue Massage

Soft tissue therapy is beneficial to those suffering not only from sporting injuries but also from everyday life and things we do that are very normal, such as carrying bags or driving. A massage can help to repair and injury but also maintain your body to prevent injury in future. Get Flexible – Muscle tension [...]

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His Tips to Aid Strength Training for Runners

If you love running you might think it’s important to just keep on running every day, with no need for other exercises to keep you at peak condition. Of course, you’ve got a nutrition plan, but having in place a plan for strength exercises helps to reduce the risk of injury from your running. By [...]

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Reasons to Sleep Well as Part of a Healthy Routine

We all sleep, and we all have different sleeping patterns. Some people sleep well and long, others with short sleeping cycles and other problems in the night. The importance of a healthy sleeping regime as part of a healthy lifestyle should not be underestimated, and here we look at why. In the short-term a bad [...]

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The Benefits of Water Training

We love to promote all types of exercise, and swimming (and other water based exercises) is definitely one of those that come near the top of most people’s lists when trying to get fit and stay in shape. Here we take a look at the benefit of training in the water. Increase Your Muscle Strength [...]

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