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5 Best exercises for Skiing

The skiing season is already upon us, which means my favourite time of year is here! If you’re like me and can’t go without hitting the fresh new powder or are a complete beginner taking their first steps onto the slopes then look no further for your 5 best exercises to help you shred, carve [...]

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Top tips for goal setting in 2018

Combine New Year’s resolutions with the amount of food you have consumed over the festive period and like most people you are probably setting your new year fitness/weight loss related goals sky high. Now, while it’s a great idea to goal-set there are some important things to keep in mind when deciding what these should [...]

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How exercising could and should boost your self-confidence

Looking good, feeling strong and having a positive attitude, the attributes of self-esteem and self- confidence, are all benefits of a regular exercise regime. It’s no secret that regular exercise makes your heart and bones stronger, reduces your risk of chronic disease, lowers blood pressure and helps keeps your weight under control (especially during this [...]

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3 HUGE reasons you should be doing strength training as part of your distance running programme

When it comes to distance training, there are many elements that will determine your success. I talk below about why strength training should be a part of your distance training programme: 1- Aids in injury prevention: If your muscles aren’t prepared to handle the load of consistent bounding in running, stress gets absorbed elsewhere including [...]

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I think it’s appropriate to say ‘thank you’ to Christina and the Better Body Group for their treatment, help and guidance.

I have damaged my lower back over the last 20 years and have three prolapsed disks. Each time one went it was like a knife in my back and the pain would last for months. Apart from some rest bite from visiting an Osteopath, the pain was reasonably constant, especially in the Winter. As the [...]

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Has being stressed become the norm? – Part 2

How have you been feeling since I last checked in on you? Have you been stressed or have you been feeling exhausted? Did you make a list of things you did that day? If so, what did you see? With the winter months closing in, the days are getting shorter and hours of light are [...]

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Olympic weightlifting vs Powerlifting…what’s the difference?!

So I know that you’re all as passionate about weightlifting as I am so I’m going to give you a quick weightlifting 101! The main difference between what we call weightlifting and powerlifting is the lifts that are performed in competition, weightlifting being the snatch and clean & jerk and powerlifting the bench press, back [...]

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6 reasons your kids should be lifting weights

Before I begin extolling the benefits of kids pumping iron, let’s get the biggest elephant in the room out of the way. The whole notion that weight lifting can damage children’s growth plates is 100% true. A theory that dates back to 1970’s study on Japanese child labourers that found that constant lifting of heavy [...]

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