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Foam Rolling – Why do we do it?

The foam roller has become and increasingly popular piece of equipment, with more and more people picking one up as soon as they walk into the gym. But as you are rolling over a strangely shaped piece of foam, have you ever wondered what the benefits are? Foam rolling is primarily used as a form [...]

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His passion for health and fitness has made me think very differently…

Recently, every time I have tried to embark on a fitness regime, I have been frustrated by knee pain and have lost motivation. My husband is a big fan of the Better Body Gym and on his advice I decided to commit to the 6 week transformation programme. I’m not normally a gym person and [...]

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The importance of strength training for females – Personal Training Sevenoaks

Often females avoid strength training because they think it will make them big and bulky. This isn't the case at all as the naturally higher levels of estrogen in females make it harder for women to significantly develop the size of their muscles.    Now we have cleared up the most common barrier to strength [...]

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Stress: what is it and how does it effect us?

The truth is that we can't avoid stress in our lives, however we can reduce the impact it has on us both physically and mentally with regular exercise. Stress is something all of us experience at some point in our lives, whether it is the result of a significant physical workload, such as over-training, or the [...]

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I always leave with a big smile on my face!

Following a series of injuries from lifting too much with poor form, I decided enough was enough. I set out to find a gym offering a friendly training environment with a strong focus on lifting technique. Pardon the cliché but the moment I stepped foot in Better Body I knew I’d found the place! I [...]

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I look forward to piling-on the pounds on the barbell and losing them from the waist!

David came to me in March of 2017 to rehabilitate and improve the flexion in his toes/ feet and ankles following surgery.  We also focused on the goals of gaining strength whilst losing weight…not the easiest of tasks as usually losing weight means losing muscle to some extent too, which invariably means a decrease in [...]

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Better Body Group – Why go anywhere else?

So after much thought I decided it was time to finally get back into shape and looked at local gyms but I knew I wanted something different than than the normal gym experience. I discovered the Better Body Group and after reading the testimonials decided to book an initial consultation with Lucy. She sat me [...]

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