About George Cooper

George is our General Manager. He completed his Leisure and Sport Management degree at UWIC, Cardiff in 2008 and joined our team in 2010. He is a keen sportsman and plays every Saturday for his local football team, AFC Valour. With a background in Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing, George will keep you fighting fit using a combination of boxing drills, resistance training and intervals.

10 Days to drastically improve your happiness!

Afternoon all! Here are days 5-10 form the 10 days happier series. Sorry it's late :)   Day 5: Spend more time with your family and friends Sounds pretty obvious but often neglected in our busy working lives. Of everything on the list, social connection is perhaps the most important determinant of happiness. By this [...]

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The future of body fat analysis has arrived!

We are chuffed to announce that our new body fat analysis machine is up and running. As one of the only of its kind in the country, we are now proud owners of the most advanced body composition analysis tool you can buy! The scanner will be free to use for anyone on a PT [...]

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14kg lost..and that was just the start!

Amazing transformation from Pam here! 13kg down and still going strong. With the help of Sam Austin as her PT pam has not only dropped 13kg but also; lifting 70kg deadlift x5 Front plank for 3min 30 secs From 0-10 well executed press ups Significantly improved all health screen test results Drastically improved posture (check [...]

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10 days to drastically improve your happiness. Day 4- Money

  According to research for the Guardian in 2015, money is the greatest source of anxiety for Britons. But we've been told all our our lives that money won't buy you happiness. They can't both be right, so whats the coup? does more cash make us happier???? The answer; Yes. To a point. As people [...]

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