About George Cooper

George is our General Manager. He completed his Leisure and Sport Management degree at UWIC, Cardiff in 2008 and joined our team in 2010. He is a keen sportsman and plays every Saturday for his local football team, AFC Valour. With a background in Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing, George will keep you fighting fit using a combination of boxing drills, resistance training and intervals.

10 days to drastically improve your Happiness: Sleep

  Perhaps the most difficult happiness hack of the series. Sleep. Here’s a fun fact- Human beings are the only species that will sacrifice sleep in order to get more done. Without realising it, we are making our lives a hell of a lot more miserable because as a result. The ever elusive shut eye is [...]

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10 Days to drastically improve your Happiness: Day 2

Day 2. Nutrition Hopefully you are all feeling a little spring in your step today after your 20 minutes+ of exercise that you promised to do. If not…you probably didn’t do your homework did you! Either that or you are a Spurs fan. Remember, the purpose of this series is to make a number of [...]

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10 days to drastically improve your happiness- Day 1

  A little over three years ago Zara (my better half) and I went on our first date. It went a little like this… Chris and Zara go to a pub…Chris starts to show off playing ball games in the beer garden. Chris (accidentally) Knocks out Zaras front tooth with a cricket ball- True story. [...]

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Sevenoaks 10K run!

Good day all, Team BBG are sponsoring there Sevenoaks Rotary club 10k run by raising money for the Friends of Shelby Newstead. It would be amazing for you to get involved with us! ENTER AS 'TEAM BETTER BODY RUNNER' www.runnersworld.co.uk/events On the day- Electronic Chip Timing - Free changing, toilets, supervised bag storage in Sevenoaks [...]

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‘I owe so much to James and team BBG’

Weight restoration testimonial from Anna G Having endured an intense weight restoration programme following an eating disorder, I was left disappointed with my body shape and general wellbeing post-recovery. As a teenager I was very athletic though following restricted activity during my inpatient programme, my fitness and muscle tone completely diminished. Alongside the development of [...]

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22 Fat loss tips to help you smash your New Years resolutions!

2017 has snuck up quicker than it took us to smash a whole pavlova on Christmas day. With it comes the standard wave of 'New year, new you' advice from every single fitness fiend in the land. So let's take a minute to sort the wheat from the chaff. In my experience, what works for [...]

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How to fall back in love with fitness this January!

Below is the latest article published in this months 'Healthy' magazine Full link can be found here http://www.healthy-magazine.co.uk/get-back-fitness-christmas/     Everyone loves Christmas – aside from the presents, parties and decorations, it’s pretty much the only time of year where you are almost expected to put on a little timber around your midriff. Whether it’s pudding and mulled wine or [...]

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4 tips to avoid the dreaded “Dad-bod”

I have fallen victim to the trap, and could be on the way to my very own Dad-bod. Finishing off the kids’ dinners, polishing off their chocolate, sharing bowls of popcorn and pilfering chips. These are sure-fire ways of making sure you lose any muscle definition you may have had and adding on extras pounds [...]

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