About George Cooper

George is our General Manager. He completed his Leisure and Sport Management degree at UWIC, Cardiff in 2008 and joined our team in 2010. He is a keen sportsman and plays every Saturday for his local football team, AFC Valour. With a background in Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing, George will keep you fighting fit using a combination of boxing drills, resistance training and intervals.

10 Questions with James Allen

What made you decide to become an Exercise specialist? I’ve always loved counting and telling people what to do so it was either a maths teacher or this! Joking aside I’ve always enjoyed science and sport so it seemed the obvious subject to study at University and the thought of being able to have a [...]

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Tofu and blackbean stir-fry

Macros Calories: 464 Protein: 45 g Carbs: 38g Fat: 9 g Fibre 20g   This is a quick 20 minute stir fry that gives you a good hit of satiating protein and fibre while keeping the carbs and fat to a minimum. It's full of micronutrients such as vitamin C and A from the greens [...]

10 questions with Bex Francis

10 Questions with Sevenoaks Personal Trainer Bex Francis   What made you decide to become an Exercise specialist? I started training at BBG when I moved from Essex earlier this year and really enjoyed the atmosphere at the gym.  Everyone (both trainers and other clients) engage each other and make you feel really welcome!   [...]

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PNF stretching

You may remember one of my previous blogs explaining why your muscles become knotted, tight and sore. But it's not just massage therapy that'll help with these issues. Stretching, if completed correctly, can mimic similar benefits. Here's the link if you didn't see my previous article: http://betterbodygroup.co.uk/massage-and-the-benefits/ Yes, I'm the first to admit that the [...]

“Use it or lose it”

“Use it or lose it” the Parkinson nurse said to me when I was diagnosed two years ago and so when I started to notice that my physical condition appeared to be deteriorating I decided to try and slow the process through exercise. Carla Joseph is my trainer and over the last three months we’ve [...]

Scale weight

We’ve all been through it before whilst dieting, you’ve had a bad weekend, stepped on the scales come Monday, only to be mortified at the number that has been thrown back at you. It’s all too easy at that point to throw in the towel, and completely sabotage your hard work up until that point, [...]

10 Questions with JB

Want to get to know JB a bit better? No? Well here goes any way :)   10 Questions with Sevenoaks Personal Trainer James Blanchard What made you decide to become an Exercise specialist? Ever since I was 13 I was obsessed with training, being a personal trainer seemed like the only logical option!   [...]

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VMO – the Quad leader

VMO is short for vastus medialis oblique and makes up one of the four components of the quadriceps. Its fibres are more obliquley aligned in comparison to the other fibres of vastus medialis, and are arguably the most important to stabilise the knee actively and dynamically. Due to its attachment point via the patella tendon [...]

350kcals recipe. Pork and Morroccan couscous

This is a VERY quick recipe and is very low in calories I made this after my long shift in the gym at about 9:30pm last Thursday. By 10pm I had eaten it! There is no messing about with this recipe - I was tired, hungry and desperate for some actual food, rather than any [...]