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4 exercises you should be doing to relieve back pain

If you suffer from lower back pain regularly and you find it goes away, only to return again shortly afterwards, then perhaps your core stability is poor. A majority of lower back pain is caused by the instability throughout segments of the spine and the stabilizing musculature surrounding the spine. Muscles such as the rotators [...]

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Greek Yoghurt Cheesecake

This recipe is a cheeky cheesecake from Graham Ferris. Nice and simple, doesn't fail to impress on flavour, but also doesn't pack too many calories. Handy for those trying to stay lean, but still eat cake!   Base: 10 sheets Grahams Crackers 3 TbSp Almond Milk Prep: Blend and prepare in springform pan. Press hard [...]

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Training in the heat

Training in the heat As the summer temperatures finally increase and you are not one of the lucky ones able to train in front of an industrial-sized fan, here are a few pointers to assist with training in the heat. Thermoregulation is how your body maintains a consistent internal temperature. When exposed to external heat, [...]

A big thank you to Graham

"My unhealthy relationship with food started when I was in my mid-teens. To begin with I'd severely limit what I'd eat and typically this would result in me having a single small meal at the end of the day and this was usually only to show my worried Mum that I was actually eating something. [...]

What an amazing transformation!

I’ve been on an incredibly rewarding journey with Graham over the last 9 months. I came running through BBG’s door, desperate to shed my pregnancy weight, not knowing the rewarding journey that was awaiting me. I’d set myself a stretching target to lose 18kg over a 6 month period, and to my own surprise, I’ve [...]

“Graham is excellent”

"I've been training with Graham for over a year now. I initially joined the gym to help motivate my husband, but ended up getting a lot more from it than I expected. I've always loved going to the gym but have never trained in an environment like BBG. Graham quickly realised that I wanted to [...]

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Breakfast on the go!

Breakfast on the Go Skipping breakfast in the mornings? Needing an alternative to your Danish pastry from Starbucks? I might have just the answer. Overnight Oats is a great way to give you a good balance of carbohydrates and protein to provide that greatly needed kick start to the morning. Preparation is one of the [...]

Graham pushed me to achieve my goals

Training with Graham over the last 12 weeks has been great, as was seeing the improvements in my physical development and stamina. Three hours training every week is an intensive process and therefore it’s important to get on with, as well as trust the knowledge of the trainer you’re working with. Graham ticked all of [...]

A Tale of Two Meals

For today’s blog, I’m going to share this really helpful info-gram I discovered on Massive Health, who have kindly given me permission to reproduce it here. It deals with the struggle we often face when it comes to fats and carbohydrates. Many of us are a little hesitant and fearful around either! So let’s take [...]