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I’ve never been a sporty person or a gym fanatic

I’ve never been a sporty person or a gym fanatic so hauling my lumbering arse into the gym wasn’t a natural fit for me. The Better Body Group gym, as a whole, makes this experience as pleasant as it can be without compromising on personal results. The trainers are exceptional. Why Jimmy? I’ve been training with [...]

“The training you offer is fabulous”

Jimmy, I'd just like to say thank you.  I always leave your PT sessions with a sense of well-being and achievement in addition to exhaustion.  It's obvious that you really enjoy your job because you put so much into it. I think the very tailored nature of the training you offer is fabulous, keeping me [...]

Tough Mudder… Why??!!!??

Tough Mudder… Why??!!!??   I believe it was after one of Jimmy’s  gruelling, I mean fantastic,  spin sessions, Rachel and I had mentioned we liked the idea of doing a Tough Mudder one day… this idea took hold and on Saturday this became reality when myself, Rachel, Emma, Alan, Liv and  Jimmy under took the [...]

10 Questions With Jimmy Sykes

1. What made you decide to become an Exercise specialist? Since my teens I have had a passion for Sport & Exercise Science, and learning about the human body and how it can be repaired, improved and optimised through exercise. I love working with people, and couldn't resist the opportunity to apply my knowledge in [...]

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Goal Setting are you Doing it Right?

Goal Setting are you Doing it Right? At the Better Body Group, we are proud to say we guarantee results. No matter what reason drives you to take that first step to walk through our doors, what you have in common with everyone else here, is that you actually have a REASON that’s motivated you [...]

I recommend Jimmy to you …

“You have put on lots of weight since I last saw. It’s got to come off. Your blood pressure is far too high and that’s got to come down too. You are 48 not in your twenties and you work too hard. Eat a lot less; find a gym and use it – regularly. It [...]

Improving Ankle Mobility

Most of our movement begins with the feet, and a restricted ankle joint with cause a chain on compensations throughout the body. When you began training at the Better Body Group, its highly likely your trainer performed a series of dynamic tests with you on your first session, and if they only performed one test, [...]

Improve your hip mobility

Minions can't improve their hip mobility, you can! The hip joint is fundamental in allowing human movement, as well as many of the exercises you perform in the gym. Can’t get down into a deep squat? It could be your tight hip. Not able to round-house kick your trainer in the head when they get [...]

Mobility training: The shoulder joint

Mobility Training Part I The Shoulder Joint. Last month I posted an article discussing the importance of joint mobility, and the difference between mobility and flexibility. I hope that readers took home the message than in order to truly optimize their physical health, being mobile is equally as important as being fit and strong. After [...]