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How to get the most out of your early morning sessions

The dedication of some of my clients has always impressed me and often inspires me to train harder myself, and our discussions often give me good ideas for blog articles. So, first and foremost I just wanted to shout out to the all the guys and girls I witness & train myself at 6 & [...]

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Guaranteed Nutrition success without spending a penny!

  Bold claim? Well not really. Every weight loss nutrition plan/book/gimmick anyone has ever bought has one goal for the consumer: get them in a calorie deficit so they lose weight. So why not skip the middle man and just count calories and guarantee you’re in a calorie deficit. Let me first state that I [...]

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Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work & How to maintain your weight loss Countless times I have encountered individuals who’s weight loss Yo-Yo’s wildy from month to month depending on which plan they are on or off the wagon from. It’s fairly typical behaviour and I think stems largely from people’s need of the quick fix. [...]

Nothing feels as good as personal achievement!

How did you spend the evening of the London Olympics? I spent it recovering from surgery on both knees.  The following year to the day I had more surgery on my knees.  Exercise was non existent. I had been pretty active – tennis/dancing.  There was no exercise for nearly 2 years and then to top it all due [...]

Stay motivated by using Behavioural Goals

Stay motivated by using Behavioural Goals While goal setting on the face of it seems simple, choosing goals that will actual help you through the process is actually more difficult than it seems. It’s easy to think up of a few outcome goals you would like to achieve… lose a few pounds, how much weight [...]

Training & Nutrition Myths (basically a rant)

Training & Nutrition Myths (basically a rant) For some reason the topics of training and even more so nutrition can make the most intelligent people believe or be scare mongered by the daftest things. Often these ideas or mad notions about nutrition and training have some basis. Most likely they have read about it somewhere in [...]

Which foods are the most filling? – Nutrition

Which foods are the most filling? - Nutrition Why does your diet plan fail? Well for the most part people choose ridiculous and unsustainable diets that are so far removed from what they would normally eat they have no real chance of long term/sustainable weight loss. But let’s assume you’re on a fairly reasonable diet [...]

What you should expect from a good Personal Trainer

THE INITIAL CONSULTATION - Any trainer with a soul should be willing to meet you for initial consultation totally free of charge This gives you an opportunity to see the gym first hand Meeting your potential trainer to see if you like him or her – if you are serious about achieving your goals then [...]

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Is Strength Training Safe for Children?

  "Children shouldn't strength train" I have heard this surprisingly frequently over the past few days and now it is half-term it gives us a great opportunity to educate children and parents alike about the huge benefits physiologically, psychologically and emotionally that exercise, specifically strength training, can have. Strength training is "a type of physical [...]