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How to have a HEALTHY CHRISTMAS ??

The festive season is finally here, that time where family and friends get together and spend a large amount of time eating and drinking. So how do you make sure these calories don't start to add up? How do you ensure that you have a healthy Christmas? A few of my clients have been asking [...]

Remember Hayley?

Remember Hayley? This was Hayley back in March at her 6-week weigh-in. You may remember the photo from her testimonial. She initially came to the Better Body Group gym with the aim to get into shape ready for her whimsical wedding in August. She had given me a goal with a time limit, it was [...]

Pregnancy VS Exercise

Pregnancy VS Exercise   Some people are unsure as to whether or not exercise is a good idea when you're expecting but contrary to belief exercise actually has an endless list of benefits. As long as it is done in the right way it is in no way detrimental to that mini-you inside of you and [...]

I was compelled to get my bum into gear

Having moved to Sevenoaks I was compelled to get my bum into gear and seriously shape up. Having slowly lost weight over the last few years, I decided it was time to get back to it and make a difference. At the size and weight I was, it was unhealthy and not good for my [...]

Run Forest Run!

Run Forest Run! Now the weather's getting warmer I'm sure many of you are beginning to dig out those old running shorts and hitting the roads for a good ole fashion run - and why not? Running is a great way of getting that cardiovascular system working, toning the legs, getting your daily intake of [...]

I have learnt to love myself once again

So after coming out of a 10 year relationship I looked at myself in the mirror and hated looking at the person who stood before me, hated what I had become, hated everything about myself. I was soon to turn thirty, overweight at a size 18/20, highly insecure, with zero confidence and honestly very depressed. [...]

Strong not skinny

Strong not skinny Too often I here the phrase 'I want to be skinny'. Skinny seems to be the ultimate goal for most females, it seemingly appears to represent the worlds idea of perfection. Well this article is going to tell you why skinny just isn't good, why this shouldn't be your goal and why [...]

Training with Rebecca is amazing.

"Training with Rebecca is amazing. I can't believe how much we have achieved in a relatively short period of time - but I'm also surprised how my motivation is ongoing and I put this largely down to Rebecca's approach - I just really enjoy my sessions and feel at ease - whilst working hard! Having [...]

The Benefits of Sports Massage

The Benefits of Sports Massage Some of you may or may not know that here at the better body group we offer sports massage. So you’re probably asking yourself what’s the benefits of a sports massage and what’s the difference between going down to your local spa and having a nice soothing massage? Listed Below [...]