Benefits of TRX Training

Bodyweight training is a safe effective method of training for everyone no matter your current situation. When new clients come and see me, I will ensure they have sound movement patterns and can complete basic bodyweight exercises before adding any weight to the movement.

This is primarily to avoid injury, but also, adding weight gives the individual an external focus and can distract from the nuances of the movement pattern they should be focusing on, such as knee and chest position, and bracing of the core.

Suspension trainers such as gymnastic rings and the TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise – not sure where you get TRX from, but sounds cool) have advanced the bodyweight training game. They are hugely versatile both in the range of exercises you can complete and the intensity of the exercises.

One of the key benefits is the ability to make slight changes in intensity regularly with minimal interruption by simply adjusting your body angle or foot position. Suspension trainers are also brilliant for rehabilitating individuals as the handles can provide support for balance, and assistance of exercises such as the Squat and Lunge.

Alternatively, completing basic movements such as the Row and the Press up can be made harder than usual using suspension trainers due to the added instability. This increases the recruitment of your stabilising muscles, sculpting resilient joints and a great pump.

Combining multiple exercises targeting the same muscle group, or super setting antagonist pairs of muscles is also made much easier with suspension trainers and can give you a really effective workout in a fraction of the time.

Finally, and what I really love about suspension trainers are the freedom they give you in where and when you can work out. I have 2 at home in case I can’t make it into the gym, and I am also guilty of packing in when I go away on holiday. Gymnastic rings can easily be hooked onto a tree branch, and many like the TRX can be attached to a closed door!

Below is a video giving you some ideas of exercises you can try. Attempt to complete 30-60sec of each movement 2-3x. I guarantee you will be smoked in no time. Have fun.

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