The BOSU ball: looks like fun but what is it for?

The BOSU ball is every bit as fun and versatile as it looks; it is the perfect tool to introduce into your training for a number of reasons and it can be used by everyone regardless of fitness levels or training goals.

BOSU stands for ‘Both Sides Up’ and so you can use it in exactly that way, either dome side up or flat side up, both of which will provide an unstable surface and add varying levels of difficulty to any exercise.

The uses of the BOSU ball are wide spread and the possibilities are endless:

First and foremost, it is a great tool to use throughout the rehabilitation phases of a wide range of injuries, both upper and lower body. By doing exercises on this unstable surface, we can target the recovery of injuries in a number of ways such as improving proprioception, stability, mobility and strength.

By standing on the ball and moving through various progressions, we can improve lower body pathologies as well as increase balance and core control. When it comes to upper body injuries, we can use it in a similar way by placing hands on any side of the ball to add variable levels of instability to the exercises. In the instance of spinal pain and discomfort the soft dome side to the ball can be used as a more pliable surface to lie on whilst targeting core stability.

This piece of equipment can also be used to challenge strength by simply providing an unstable surface, therefore requiring more muscle activity when performing full body exercises such as squats, lunges or even bench press. Core strength training can be hugely improved by performing relevant exercises on the BOSU ball.

Flexibility can be enhanced by taking advantage of both sides of the ball. Position your body in a stretch and in the right place on the ball and allow the ball to guide the movement pattern.

Balance is a hugely important skill to master in daily life, it is what keeps us upright and prevents us from constantly falling over! Practice balancing exercises on the ball to really challenge yourself.

The BOSU ball can make any exercise more difficult, more comfortable or simply more fun! Give it a try! Ask our trainers how.

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