I look forward to piling-on the pounds on the barbell and losing them from the waist!

David came to me in March of 2017 to rehabilitate and improve the flexion in his toes/ feet and ankles following surgery.  We also focused on the goals of gaining strength whilst losing weight…not the easiest of tasks as usually losing weight means losing muscle to some extent too, which invariably means a decrease in [...]

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I’m incredibly proud of her…

I started training Marian as part of the 6 week Shape Off, where she showed impressive dedication by training every single day for 6 weeks – yes even Sunday’s! Unsurprisingly she got an amazing result during the initial 6 weeks! Since then almost more impressively in my eyes, has been Marian’s amazing commitment and consistency [...]

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5 Fat loss tips to lose 3 Stone!

  Not everyone who works in a gym has been in good shape their whole life, in fact I was very much out of shape. At just 14 stone (about 85kg), I was anything but in shape!  So as the shape off begins and we all look to get 2017 off to a cracking start, [...]

‘I owe so much to James and team BBG’

Weight restoration testimonial from Anna G Having endured an intense weight restoration programme following an eating disorder, I was left disappointed with my body shape and general wellbeing post-recovery. As a teenager I was very athletic though following restricted activity during my inpatient programme, my fitness and muscle tone completely diminished. Alongside the development of [...]

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