Spicy chorizo chunky soup

After having to de-ice my car at the beginning of the week it's definitely 'that time of year again'. The shutter stays down in the gym and the trainers swap shorts for thermals! Stay warm with this simple spicy chorizo chunky soup... This recipe makes around 4-5 servings, enough for the family or to freeze [...]

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PNF stretching

You may remember one of my previous blogs explaining why your muscles become knotted, tight and sore. But it's not just massage therapy that'll help with these issues. Stretching, if completed correctly, can mimic similar benefits. Here's the link if you didn't see my previous article: http://betterbodygroup.co.uk/massage-and-the-benefits/ Yes, I'm the first to admit that the [...]

“Use it or lose it”

“Use it or lose it” the Parkinson nurse said to me when I was diagnosed two years ago and so when I started to notice that my physical condition appeared to be deteriorating I decided to try and slow the process through exercise. Carla Joseph is my trainer and over the last three months we’ve [...]

VMO – the Quad leader

VMO is short for vastus medialis oblique and makes up one of the four components of the quadriceps. Its fibres are more obliquley aligned in comparison to the other fibres of vastus medialis, and are arguably the most important to stabilise the knee actively and dynamically. Due to its attachment point via the patella tendon [...]

10 Questions with Carla Joseph!

Get to Know one of Sevenoaks' newest Personal Trainers, Carla Joseph.   What made you decide to become an Exercise specialist?  To have a positive influence on an individual/groups lives, impacting their daily living and abilities. What are you training for right now?  Muddy obstacle for cancer research What is your area of specialty? Sports [...]

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Massage and the benefits

Muscular tightness and trigger points (muscular knots) can develop through training, a lack of stretching, injury and postural misalignments. In these cases the muscle groups will be overworked or worked in the incorrect way leading to a build up of lactic acid and toxins. This concoction will cause specific points of pain (trigger points/knot) and [...]

“The text neck”

Do you suffer from "The text neck" ? When looking around your office, family home or even down the street, you've probably noticed at least someone with a typical hunched postural position, (it may even just take a glance in the mirror!) it almost seems unavoidable in the technological generation we live in. But how can [...]