Calories, weigh-ins and lots of laughs

Having had a long association with the UK charity Arthritis Action, I am acutely aware of the interaction of exercise and diet in combating the pain caused by arthritis.  Although not an arthritis sufferer myself, I discovered that regular exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle as it helps to strengthen the muscles that protect and support the joints. Having [...]

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Is a combination of classes and PT your recipe for success?

If you're struggling to structure your week around your fitness goals, including one or two classes, adapted to your different requirements, may be the route to success that you have been looking for. If you have already been with us at BBG, you will know what to expect from our classes! If not, what are [...]

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Thank you Jade and the BBG family for helping me carry on doing the job I love

I started working with Jade back in the summer as a continuation of my prehab/rehab training, I’ve now been a member of the BBG family for three years. Eighteen months ago I found out that I had severe osteoarthritis of both hips requiring full replacement surgery, as well as three herniated discs in the lower back [...]

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I think it’s appropriate to say ‘thank you’ to Christina and the Better Body Group for their treatment, help and guidance.

I have damaged my lower back over the last 20 years and have three prolapsed disks. Each time one went it was like a knife in my back and the pain would last for months. Apart from some rest bite from visiting an Osteopath, the pain was reasonably constant, especially in the Winter. As the [...]

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I always leave with a big smile on my face!

Following a series of injuries from lifting too much with poor form, I decided enough was enough. I set out to find a gym offering a friendly training environment with a strong focus on lifting technique. Pardon the cliché but the moment I stepped foot in Better Body I knew I’d found the place! I [...]

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Better Body Group – Why go anywhere else?

So after much thought I decided it was time to finally get back into shape and looked at local gyms but I knew I wanted something different than than the normal gym experience. I discovered the Better Body Group and after reading the testimonials decided to book an initial consultation with Lucy. She sat me [...]

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I am very impressed with Bridie and genuinely look forward to our sessions…

I have been training on and off with Better Body Group for the past few years and can still recall the old gym where the main staircase was the most used piece of exercise equipment! I am currently training with Bridie since the beginning of May 2017. My goal is to lose some weight and [...]

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Here in the gym at Better Body Group, Sevenoaks, I have found my quiet chaos…

Life is chaos for me! Point. Here in the gym at Better Body Group, Sevenoaks, I have found my quiet chaos. I count myself as lucky to have been introduced to Bex. It’s been a year since joining the gym while working through my ‘stuff’. Since meeting Bex this young lady has managed to get [...]

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You have contributed to success that only a few months again would have seemed like a distant reality…

I would first of all like to say a massive thank you for your support of my journey. You have contributed to success that only a few months again would have seemed like a distant reality. The free access you have granted me into your facilities has been perfect for me to be able to achieve [...]

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