6 reasons your kids should be lifting weights

Before I begin extolling the benefits of kids pumping iron, let’s get the biggest elephant in the room out of the way. The whole notion that weight lifting can damage children’s growth plates is 100% true. A theory that dates back to 1970’s study on Japanese child labourers that found that constant lifting of heavy [...]

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8 reasons you’re not losing weight

We’ve all been there, hours of graft in the gym, being careful with your nutrition choices, yet you jump on the scales and that mischievous arrow points to the exact same number as last week. It’s no surprise lots of us give up on our quest for a beach body after a few weeks. What’s [...]

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10 Tips to Shape up for Summer!

Need a game plan to get in shape for your summer holiday? Look no further as Chris gives you his top 10 tips for your best bikini bod to date. Find your baseline and Track everything If you want to improve at something, you need to track your progress and the behaviours that cause this [...]

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10 Days to drastically improve your happiness!

Afternoon all! Here are days 5-10 form the 10 days happier series. Sorry it's late :)   Day 5: Spend more time with your family and friends Sounds pretty obvious but often neglected in our busy working lives. Of everything on the list, social connection is perhaps the most important determinant of happiness. By this [...]

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10 days to drastically improve your happiness. Day 4- Money

  According to research for the Guardian in 2015, money is the greatest source of anxiety for Britons. But we've been told all our our lives that money won't buy you happiness. They can't both be right, so whats the coup? does more cash make us happier???? The answer; Yes. To a point. As people [...]

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10 days to drastically improve your Happiness: Sleep

  Perhaps the most difficult happiness hack of the series. Sleep. Here’s a fun fact- Human beings are the only species that will sacrifice sleep in order to get more done. Without realising it, we are making our lives a hell of a lot more miserable because as a result. The ever elusive shut eye is [...]

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10 Days to drastically improve your Happiness: Day 2

Day 2. Nutrition Hopefully you are all feeling a little spring in your step today after your 20 minutes+ of exercise that you promised to do. If not…you probably didn’t do your homework did you! Either that or you are a Spurs fan. Remember, the purpose of this series is to make a number of [...]

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10 days to drastically improve your happiness- Day 1

  A little over three years ago Zara (my better half) and I went on our first date. It went a little like this… Chris and Zara go to a pub…Chris starts to show off playing ball games in the beer garden. Chris (accidentally) Knocks out Zaras front tooth with a cricket ball- True story. [...]

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