I think it’s appropriate to say ‘thank you’ to Christina and the Better Body Group for their treatment, help and guidance.

I have damaged my lower back over the last 20 years and have three prolapsed disks. Each time one went it was like a knife in my back and the pain would last for months. Apart from some rest bite from visiting an Osteopath, the pain was reasonably constant, especially in the Winter. As the [...]

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The BOSU ball: looks like fun but what is it for?

The BOSU ball is every bit as fun and versatile as it looks; it is the perfect tool to introduce into your training for a number of reasons and it can be used by everyone regardless of fitness levels or training goals. BOSU stands for ‘Both Sides Up’ and so you can use it in [...]

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5 Social Groups in need of this One ‘Magic’ Exercise

Anyone who has trained with me for rehab purposes should know by now that I thoroughly enjoy making my clients do a side plank! Now, this isn’t a traditional side plank, this is (what most people see as) an ‘EASY’ version. If you have trained at The Better Body Group, whether it be for a [...]

Suffer with annoying aches and pains?

Do you suffer with annoying aches and pains that don’t seem to have any connection to one another or any real reason for being there?   The likelihood is that the majority of your aches and pains are all linked together. The human body is an amazing and complex make up, albeit quite frustrating at [...]

Thank you BBG

Signing up to the Better Body Group competition at Sweaty Betty I have to admit it was the chance to win a new Sweaty Betty outfit that initially caught my eye. I was completely surprised when they phoned me up to say I had won a place on the ‘September Shape-Off’ and eagerly agreed without [...]

I could see that I had come to the right place

I can truthfully say that the gym has never been my natural habitat but I am definitely now a convert. My weekly sessions with Christina have become a vital part of my own living well with cancer programme. Back in 2012 while the rest of the UK was focused on the Olympics, I discovered completely [...]

Two stone in five months

"Personal training was a bit of a last resort for me in an attempt to try and exercise regularly over a prolonged period of time within my physical limitations. This is what Christina has enabled me to do by taking a detailed history of what has restricted me in the past and tailoring an exercise [...]

“Thanks Christina!”

“After 2 years of working from home and getting a bit tubby, my wife "dragged" me to see her trainer Christina at BBG. Christina has helped me this year to rethink my food / drink intake simply by proving that shaping-up can in fact be fun. With her sports therapy training she’s also been great [...]

A BIG ‘Thank You’ to Christina

So I’m sending Christina a big ‘thank you’ for making a significant impact on my shoulder.  I’d been carrying an injury for months that was increasingly restricting my mobility to a point where I couldn’t fold my arms, put on a coat and more worryingly couldn’t  hold the bar for back squats.  I’d tried a physio [...]