3 things that will definitely NOT make you fat

The fitness industry is constantly bombarded with the latest myths and quick fixes, “This food that will melt your fat!”, “10 exercises to get rid of your belly!”,  “How to sacrifice a loaf of bread to appease the gods of gluten”. As a personal trainer I can tell you, most of the time these are [...]

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Eat 12,000 calories a day and have the physique of an Olympian

Ok, now that I have enticed you with an offer of bountiful calories and an Adonis style physique, I have a confession to make. Maybe 12,000 is a tad unrealistic, hear me out before you grab your torch and pitch forks and start forming a lynch mob.  Although I am not proud of this sensationalism, [...]

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Consistency is king

Consistency is king No one has ever been successful at anything without being consistent; think about that time you tried to learn a new instrument or language. I never became Jet Lee with the two Tae-Kwon-Do lessons I had as a 10-year-old (pretty close though).  Most people have tried several unsuccessful diets throughout their lives, [...]

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Worried about gaining weight over Christmas?

Worried about gaining weight over Christmas? Don’t be! Firstly, Christmas is about enjoying time with family and friends, getting a little merry but certainly not dieting. I personally won’t be buying any low-fat cheese boards regardless of the fact that low fat cheese is practically pointless anyway. The point is, Christmas is a time for [...]

3 Reasons your diet is not working

3 Reasons your diet is not working You’re not in a calorie deficit. You’re not in a calorie deficit. You’re not in a calorie deficit. So, that wasn’t particularly helpful. But for 99% of people it’s true. I’ve heard 101 excuses. “but I have a slow metab….” shhh you’re not in a deficit. “but I [...]