The importance of strength training for females – Personal Training Sevenoaks

Often females avoid strength training because they think it will make them big and bulky. This isn't the case at all as the naturally higher levels of estrogen in females make it harder for women to significantly develop the size of their muscles.    Now we have cleared up the most common barrier to strength [...]

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Better Body Group – Why go anywhere else?

So after much thought I decided it was time to finally get back into shape and looked at local gyms but I knew I wanted something different than than the normal gym experience. I discovered the Better Body Group and after reading the testimonials decided to book an initial consultation with Lucy. She sat me [...]

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Motivation; why am I struggling to stay on track?

So you have recently started exercising and made good progress in the first few months but now feel as if you have hit a brick wall. This is a common issue people face as they start to exercise and is often closely followed by a drop in motivation. The best way to maintain a high level [...]

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Our PT sessions were always good fun and very hard – perfect Personal Trainer!

I first met Ellis on my first Personal Trainer session of the 6 week spring shape off I was taking part in. After a difficult couple of years, I'd put on a lot of weight, fitness levels were low and my confidence was through the floor. I had a lot of weight to lose and [...]

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