I can’t recommend BBG and all of the trainers highly enough

Better Body Group – Testimonial Alan North   I have always been someone who has struggled with my weight, and have yo-yo dieted for most of my life. Name a fad diet, I have probably tried it, only to always end up right back where I started. I have gone from 110kg to 70kg and [...]

Five ways to fix your hips

Anterior pelvic tilt and how to fix it!   Anterior pelvic tilt is one of the most common postural dysfunctions that I treat and see in the gym.  It causes chronic pain and discomfort and can lead to incorrect movement patterns and therefore diminished performance!   What is it? Anterior tilt is when the pelvis [...]

How to get the most out of your early morning sessions

The dedication of some of my clients has always impressed me and often inspires me to train harder myself, and our discussions often give me good ideas for blog articles. So, first and foremost I just wanted to shout out to the all the guys and girls I witness & train myself at 6 & [...]

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Lymphoedema awareness week…

Our client Kathryn suffers with lymphoedema, that’s what some of us trainers do here at the Better Body Group, we train clients with health issues and medical problems that would otherwise get exacerbated and need a close eye on. Here’s some wise words from the lady behind the ‘fat foot’ as she calls it about [...]

The future of body fat analysis has arrived!

We are chuffed to announce that our new body fat analysis machine is up and running. As one of the only of its kind in the country, we are now proud owners of the most advanced body composition analysis tool you can buy! The scanner will be free to use for anyone on a PT [...]

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3 mood-enhancing recipes

As the sunshine has started to make an appearance and the days are getting longer, we can’t help but think that it really has been a long winter. We’ve had many grey days, some snow as well as a few rainy days. Add to that the fact that Christmas seems like it was a million [...]

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Jas is an excellent personal trainer

Jas is an excellent personal trainer.  He is enthusiastic, technically proficient and focused on achieving results. He structures the training sessions around the particular needs of the individual using exercises and fitness machines appropriate to those needs.  These are varied from week to week to ensure you are exposed to a range of different activities.  [...]

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Top tips for running marathons

Have you signed up for a marathon this year? If not, why not? Now couldn’t be a better time to set your goals for the year! So why not get motivated and sign up to run a marathon?! This will pave out your training for the winter months. Of course it’s daunting, but just think, [...]

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Eat 12,000 calories a day and have the physique of an Olympian

Ok, now that I have enticed you with an offer of bountiful calories and an Adonis style physique, I have a confession to make. Maybe 12,000 is a tad unrealistic, hear me out before you grab your torch and pitch forks and start forming a lynch mob.  Although I am not proud of this sensationalism, [...]

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