The ABC of Military Pressing

When pressing heavy stuff over your head you have to consider two things Why are you doing it? Do you know how to do it safely and effectively? The ABC (Always Be a Column. 1. Why are you doing it? Apart from looking mightily impressive, the Military Press brings a number of very good benefits [...]

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4 tips to avoid the dreaded “Dad-bod”

I have fallen victim to the trap, and could be on the way to my very own Dad-bod. Finishing off the kids’ dinners, polishing off their chocolate, sharing bowls of popcorn and pilfering chips. These are sure-fire ways of making sure you lose any muscle definition you may have had and adding on extras pounds [...]

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350kcals recipe. Pork and Morroccan couscous

This is a VERY quick recipe and is very low in calories I made this after my long shift in the gym at about 9:30pm last Thursday. By 10pm I had eaten it! There is no messing about with this recipe - I was tired, hungry and desperate for some actual food, rather than any [...]

Jo is unbelievable!

Jo is unbelievable! I have never trained anyone who challenges themselves so much, yet takes it all in their stride. Every session for Jo is tough. It needs to be. She sets herself mad challenges which would test anyone's stamina, drive and endurance. Well done on all of your accomplishments Jo, I'm pretty sure this [...]

Seafood Chowder

If you're feeling a bit fishy after the gym this evening why not try out George's delicious recipe... Roast 200g of cubed butternut squash for 30-40 minutes until really soft. Then remove from oven. Poach fish fillets in milk, a bay leaf and shallots. (I used frozen white fish fillets, but fresh cod/haddock would be [...]

Lost over 2 stone – couldn’t be happier

Before I started training with the BBG, my life was very similar to other people that had just started there. I also had a desk job, bad eating habits, too busy/lazy to exercise or any excuse to hand! In my case, throw a major operation and being made redundant from work into the mix on [...]

Protein Shakes. Whey good or whey bad?

Many of my clients in the gym ask me about protein shakes and why people take them? Aren’t they for people who want to bulk up and put lots of muscle on? The simple answer is no. Any form of supplement, be it protein, Vitamin D, fish oils or multivitamin are only that, a supplement. [...]

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Exercise during and after pregnancy

Chris chats to PT George Cooper about exercising during and after pregnancy… C: First of all, there’s a lot of conflicting advice it seems about exercising and pregnancy so can you tell us what’s safe? What’s not? Let me start off by saying that if there have been complications with getting pregnant or if you [...]