Hydration – How much should we aim to drink and what are the benefits? – Nutrition plan

Water is a huge part of any Nutrition plan but is also the most important component of our human body, it provides multitude of functions including transport of nutrients, elimination of waster products, sweating, maintenance of blood circulation, regulation of body temperature and many, many more. It is impossible to sustain life without it, with [...]

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Creamy Green and Bean Smoothie

Creamy Green and Bean Smoothie   What is it? This smoothie looks pretty normal however if you look at the calories and macronutrients it is pretty nutrient dense. Those numbers could easily pass as a standard sized meal. It’s going to fill you up with a decent hit of protein, fibre and fat.   Why have [...]

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Four questions you should be asking about FAT

With all the hype around high fat, low carbohydrate diets I thought it might useful to give real insight around what fats you should and shouldn't be avoiding...   How many types of fat are there? There are 4 major dietary fat in the foods that are consumed; Saturated fats Trans fats Monounsaturated fats Polyunsaturated fats [...]

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I’ve never been a sporty person or a gym fanatic

I’ve never been a sporty person or a gym fanatic so hauling my lumbering arse into the gym wasn’t a natural fit for me. The Better Body Group gym, as a whole, makes this experience as pleasant as it can be without compromising on personal results. The trainers are exceptional. Why Jimmy? I’ve been training with [...]

3 mood-enhancing recipes

As the sunshine has started to make an appearance and the days are getting longer, we can’t help but think that it really has been a long winter. We’ve had many grey days, some snow as well as a few rainy days. Add to that the fact that Christmas seems like it was a million [...]

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2 life-changing smoothies!

A massive plus side of working in a smoothie place for a few months is that you become a self-confessed smoothie connoisseur. Smoothies are a great way of getting in some protein, carbohydrate and fats during the day. Have it for breakfast, have it as a post-workout snack, have it whenever you like. Simple! Here [...]

Eat 12,000 calories a day and have the physique of an Olympian

Ok, now that I have enticed you with an offer of bountiful calories and an Adonis style physique, I have a confession to make. Maybe 12,000 is a tad unrealistic, hear me out before you grab your torch and pitch forks and start forming a lynch mob.  Although I am not proud of this sensationalism, [...]

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