Too stressed to find the time to exercise?

I don't think I need to clarify what stress actually is as according to finding, 85% of people in the UK feel stressed on a regular basis with over a third of people feeling stressed for at least one WHOLE day per week. Crazy, isn't it? It’s a three part equation Stress Time Exercise - [...]

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10 tips to shape up for Summer!

Need a game plan to get in shape for your summer holiday? Look no further as Chris Wharton, Director at the Better Body Group give you his top 10 tips for your best bikini body to date. Find your baseline and Track everything If you want to improve at something, you need to track your [...]

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Training when feeling under the weather

With the change in weather a lot of us, me included, are getting run down and this is a short article that will arm you with the tools and knowhow to get through this issue. First of all, if you’re really ill you need listen to your body and it’s probably not the best idea [...]

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STRETCHING: Are You Wasting Your Time

WHY STRETCH? I am a fan of a good stretch. And maintaining your joints flexibility, suppleness and robustness is, in my opinion, THE MOST IMPORTANT GOAL you can have. Ask any health professional, or sports coach, or athlete, or weekend warrior, “Why do you Stretch?” and you will almost certainly get one of the following [...]

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Is a combination of classes and PT your recipe for success?

If you're struggling to structure your week around your fitness goals, including one or two classes, adapted to your different requirements, may be the route to success that you have been looking for. If you have already been with us at BBG, you will know what to expect from our classes! If not, what are [...]

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3 things that will definitely NOT make you fat

The fitness industry is constantly bombarded with the latest myths and quick fixes, “This food that will melt your fat!”, “10 exercises to get rid of your belly!”,  “How to sacrifice a loaf of bread to appease the gods of gluten”. As a personal trainer I can tell you, most of the time these are [...]

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3 Ways to Train the Legs (and Glutes) With a Weak Back

When you ask most people in the fitness industry what the best exercises are for the legs and glutes, they would usually respond with Squats and Deadlifts. While it’s true these exercises are great for working the lower body and they’re great for Personal Trainers because they require a lot of technique to get [...]

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How to achieve a “toned” physique

(note: This article won’t touch on different diet/training plans and their impact on health, it’s purely to look at the optimal way to change your physique - the fact that you’re embarking on a training and nutrition plan means you’ll likely be improving your health beyond it's current state) By and large people who start [...]

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Planking Your Way To Sweet Sweet Abs

There are plenty of exercises that will get you sweet sweet abs (I would know….), but the plank is probably the best for genuinely strengthening the core and creating some core stability. Here are some reasons to be an top planker: To strengthen the deep lying core musculature of the abdomen as well as the [...]

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