Nearly every client I work with uses the word toning as one of their main goals. Toning is not a special adaptation that happens to the muscle (or fat) to make you look more “toned”, it is quite simply a loss of body fat coupled with an increase (or just maintenance) of muscle mass. Most [...]

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Sugars – what to know?

Many people believe that if a product contains no added or refined sugar, it means it will have less sugar or low sugar content compared to other products. Natural sugars provide benefits such as additional antioxidants and, when eaten in fruit combined to fibre compared to that of refined sugar. However, the metabolism of both [...]

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The quick guide to supplements

The golden rule with supplements is to only take them if there is something missing in the diet, something needs topping up in the diet or dietary restrictions are putting some nutrients at risk of deficiency. Without one of three of these reasons, most supplements are useless and will give very little benefit to health [...]

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10 steps to successful weight loss

The start of any weight loss journey can be daunting to anyone and understanding what will ensure your success can massive determinant; Step 1 We've mentioned this many times but setting realistic goals in a MUST when going into any weightless programme. These should be specific, positive and realistic, most importantly be clear as why [...]

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Effects of Strength training on distance running

Middle and long distance running performance is constrained by several important aerobic and anaerobic parameters. Recently the effects of strength training for distance runners has received considerable attention. Below I am going to review the topic and outline the benefits. From a physiological perspective the three main parameters that influence running performance is maximal oxygen [...]

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Diets and Body Compositions

I am going to review and analyse the literature regarding diets and body compositions (Aragon et al, 2017). It is to explain that an individual carrying out the same dietary programme as another can have different effects. It also explains how to diet if trying to gain weight and muscle mass 1) There is a [...]

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4 Reasons you should do strength training for Golf

I am going discuss here as to why strength training is vital when playing golf, whether it is to reduce injury or enhance performance. Following that will explain some useful exercises that will be beneficial: Force during Swing So firstly, it has been proven that during a golf swing a force of about 7500N occurs [...]

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