8 reasons you’re not losing weight

We’ve all been there, hours of graft in the gym, being careful with your nutrition choices, yet you jump on the scales and that mischievous arrow points to the exact same number as last week. It’s no surprise lots of us give up on our quest for a beach body after a few weeks. What’s [...]

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You have contributed to success that only a few months again would have seemed like a distant reality…

I would first of all like to say a massive thank you for your support of my journey. You have contributed to success that only a few months again would have seemed like a distant reality. The free access you have granted me into your facilities has been perfect for me to be able to achieve [...]

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Summer holidays have arrived – Kid’s summer activities

The Summer holidays are quickly approaching and for some of you in the area they have already started. So if you're wondering what to do this summer to keep them entertained then our kid's classes are for you! From 24th of July right through to the 1st September, Kid's boxing classes will be held every [...]

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Motivation; why am I struggling to stay on track?

So you have recently started exercising and made good progress in the first few months but now feel as if you have hit a brick wall. This is a common issue people face as they start to exercise and is often closely followed by a drop in motivation. The best way to maintain a high level [...]

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Our PT sessions were always good fun and very hard – perfect Personal Trainer!

I first met Ellis on my first Personal Trainer session of the 6 week spring shape off I was taking part in. After a difficult couple of years, I'd put on a lot of weight, fitness levels were low and my confidence was through the floor. I had a lot of weight to lose and [...]

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Benefits of TRX Training

Bodyweight training is a safe effective method of training for everyone no matter your current situation. When new clients come and see me, I will ensure they have sound movement patterns and can complete basic bodyweight exercises before adding any weight to the movement. This is primarily to avoid injury, but also, adding weight gives [...]

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Classes at our Sevenoaks Gym

Fitness and exercise should never be boring and at the Better Body Group Sevenoaks Gym, we offer a wide range of services, from personal training for one-on-one sessions, to nutritional advice and a range of classes. For some people classes at our gym provide an enticing option either as an addition to utilising the experience [...]

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