Has being stressed become the norm? – Part 2

How have you been feeling since I last checked in on you? Have you been stressed or have you been feeling exhausted? Did you make a list of things you did that day? If so, what did you see? With the winter months closing in, the days are getting shorter and hours of light are [...]

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Olympic weightlifting vs Powerlifting…what’s the difference?!

So I know that you’re all as passionate about weightlifting as I am so I’m going to give you a quick weightlifting 101! The main difference between what we call weightlifting and powerlifting is the lifts that are performed in competition, weightlifting being the snatch and clean & jerk and powerlifting the bench press, back [...]

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6 reasons your kids should be lifting weights

Before I begin extolling the benefits of kids pumping iron, let’s get the biggest elephant in the room out of the way. The whole notion that weight lifting can damage children’s growth plates is 100% true. A theory that dates back to 1970’s study on Japanese child labourers that found that constant lifting of heavy [...]

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Weights vs cardio; which is more important for fat loss?

Ah weights vs cardio. Both have risen and fallen in popularity over the last few decades – but which is more effective? Personally, I like lifting. There’s nothing more satisfying than bicep curling a huge Kitkat Chunky up towards your mouth – it’s incredibly rewarding. My own preferences aside, I looked into the science and [...]

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Has being stressed become the norm? – Part 1

If there is one question you should consider today, it’s the title of the article and it’s one I ask myself a lot. As a personal trainer, psychologist and general agony aunt (or I like to think so) to my friends, the one thing that all people I talk to on a daily basis have [...]

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Preparing to fail is failing to prepare

The title of this article pretty much sums up what it’s about and by now you are probably nodding knowing that somewhere down the line you have also fallen into the trap of failing to prepare. I’m not going to lie, prepping is not always easy and yes, it is much quicker to run out [...]

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Simple, easy and delicious breakfast recipe

This recipe is simple and highly nutritious in many ways, not only because of the foods used but also by the way they are combined, giving  you, your immune system and your gut the best start possible to the day! What you'll need: 2 slices of Sourdough bread Organic butter 2 table spoons of Extra [...]

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Anterior pelvic tilt – hips don’t lie!

Like a rather charming Colombian singer once pointed out; hips don't lie... and she couldn't have been more spot on. Anterior pelvic tilt, lower-crossed syndrome, Donald Duck posture. However you spin it, misaligned hips can cause a whole host of issues, most commonly reported being some manifestation of lower back pain, groin strains or hamstrings [...]

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The ABC of Military Pressing

When pressing heavy stuff over your head you have to consider two things Why are you doing it? Do you know how to do it safely and effectively? The ABC (Always Be a Column. 1. Why are you doing it? Apart from looking mightily impressive, the Military Press brings a number of very good benefits [...]

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