Hydration – How much should we aim to drink and what are the benefits? – Nutrition plan

Water is a huge part of any Nutrition plan but is also the most important component of our human body, it provides multitude of functions including transport of nutrients, elimination of waster products, sweating, maintenance of blood circulation, regulation of body temperature and many, many more. It is impossible to sustain life without it, with [...]

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I am very impressed with Bridie and genuinely look forward to our sessions…

I have been training on and off with Better Body Group for the past few years and can still recall the old gym where the main staircase was the most used piece of exercise equipment! I am currently training with Bridie since the beginning of May 2017. My goal is to lose some weight and [...]

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Stretching and Flexibility: Can’t quite contort yourself into a pretzel?

Struggling with your flexibility? Can't quite contort yourself into a pretzel? Want to get more out of your stretching? Say no more. Proprioceptive. Neuromuscular. Facilitation; sounds impressive doesn’t it? The name certainly belongs in a scholars handbook, but in reality it's very simple. So what is PNF stretching and how can you use it as [...]

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Here in the gym at Better Body Group, Sevenoaks, I have found my quiet chaos…

Life is chaos for me! Point. Here in the gym at Better Body Group, Sevenoaks, I have found my quiet chaos. I count myself as lucky to have been introduced to Bex. It’s been a year since joining the gym while working through my ‘stuff’. Since meeting Bex this young lady has managed to get [...]

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I’m incredibly proud of her…

I started training Marian as part of the 6 week Shape Off, where she showed impressive dedication by training every single day for 6 weeks – yes even Sunday’s! Unsurprisingly she got an amazing result during the initial 6 weeks! Since then almost more impressively in my eyes, has been Marian’s amazing commitment and consistency [...]

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Control Your Weight with Snack Management

Controlling your weight and diet takes dedication and careful planning, but one way in which you can help to add a greater element of control is to change your snacking habits. This can be helped with our tailor made Weight Loss Programs. We all suffer from time to time with snacking when we shouldn’t. What [...]

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How to: The Power Clean

Firstly, what actually it is? The Power Clean is a well-known and very popular olympic weightlifting exercise which consists of lifting the bar from the ground to a front rack position on your shoulders with your hips being above parallel. Secondly, why do we perform it? There are various reasons why you should perform this [...]

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