How to: The Power Clean

Firstly, what actually it is? The Power Clean is a well-known and very popular olympic weightlifting exercise which consists of lifting the bar from the ground to a front rack position on your shoulders with your hips being above parallel. Secondly, why do we perform it? There are various reasons why you should perform this [...]

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Unhesitatingly recommended

Working with Richard Turner is a positive and motivating experience, even with this elderly, moany and unfit customer!  He chooses my exercises and circuits carefully so that they are a mix of fun and challenge, having quickly assessed that "this client" responds best to that approach.  Results and improvements are praised, and Richard's attitude is always mature and [...]

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Rich put me through my paces!

With a busy job with long hours and a fairly frantic family life at the weekend, there was never enough time for dedication to the gym, so when I resolved to give it a concerted go in February this year, I wanted someone who would put me through my paces at 6am three times a [...]

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Want to become a better athlete?

Want to become a better athlete? Here are 10 things to target to start in your journey there; Fitness can be broken down into 10 different areas: Strength Speed Coordination Balance Power Agility Flexibility Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance Stamina Accuracy So if you plan to train by yourself these are the things you need to keep in [...]

Mike’s Testimonial for “Dickie”

My job involves very physical work which gives my long suffering back a very hard time so Thursdays strength class was just what I was looking for to strengthen my back and core and maybe stop having to pay for those chiropractic treatments! I've been for a few weeks now and thoroughly love it!It starts [...]