Weights vs cardio; which is more important for fat loss?

Ah weights vs cardio. Both have risen and fallen in popularity over the last few decades – but which is more effective? Personally, I like lifting. There’s nothing more satisfying than bicep curling a huge Kitkat Chunky up towards your mouth – it’s incredibly rewarding. My own preferences aside, I looked into the science and [...]

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10 tips to increase your bench press strength instantly – Personal Training Sevenoaks

Bench press? You just lie on the bench and push the bar right?? Wrong. If you want to get stronger in the bench press the key is to iron out your technique – it’s a lot more complex than most people think. Something I see a lot in the gym is people failing to complete [...]

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Protein shakes and supplements – yes or no?

There are thousands of supplements on the market; all of which seem to have extraordinary claims. The truth is, there are a small handful that have been scientifically proven to ‘work’ or be of any benefit to us. After we have our list of what works – there is cost and reward to consider. Is [...]

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3 steps to building a better bum!

Alright alright I know I don’t exactly hold the BBG rear of the year award. It would take something special to take that title away from Joe Birch (sorry ladies there’s just no beating that). HOWEVER, lifting weights among both men women is becoming more and more popular and it is no secret that we [...]

You’ve been brainwashed

So when I was a child, my Grandad would always get me a mars bar whenever he’d take me to a school event or sports practice. One day when we stopped off at the local spar while he was getting his lottery ticket I picked up the Mars bar myself, not knowing he’d already picked [...]

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3 Reasons why you’re not making progress with your training

If you’ve been training for a while, ask yourself – exactly how far have you come in the last 3 months, 6 months, 1 year? Are you stronger than this time last year? Are you fitter than 3 months ago? How has your physique changed in the last 6 months? I’d take a bet that [...]

“My mate bet me £100 and a meal out that I couldn’t get under 14 stone in 5 months”

“My mate bet me £100 and a meal out that I couldn’t get under 14 stone in 5 months” This guy is a slacker when it comes to writing me testimonials. But when it comes to smashing it in the gym and losing weight, he’s no slacker! Losing weight to win a bet with his [...]

Fitness and laughter?

If you hear fits of laughter every Monday evening, it’s likely to be these two! Here’s what Paul has to say: Since the beginning of this year I have been training with Sam, it was a tough choice to make, but I’m really pleased I chose Sam. I had got to know Sam a little [...]

Fatfam to fitfam!

Fatfam to fitfam! Mum and Dad teach me a thing or two I couldn’t be prouder of my parents. Over a decade of on and off dieting without results is pretty disheartening. A lot of people fall into a state of mind where they believe there is nothing they can do to lose weight; many [...]