10 Tips to Shape up for Summer!

Need a game plan to get in shape for your summer holiday? Look no further as Chris gives you his top 10 tips for your best bikini bod to date. Find your baseline and Track everything If you want to improve at something, you need to track your progress and the behaviours that cause this [...]

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Bring a friend for free to any class during the month of May!

We are pumped to have such a great new class rota here at BBG Sevenoaks. So much so we want to give your friends some free classes to give it a go!During the month of May you can bring a friend to try their first BBG class free of charge! Simply bring them along 10 [...]

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10 days to drastically improve your happiness- Day 1

  A little over three years ago Zara (my better half) and I went on our first date. It went a little like this… Chris and Zara go to a pub…Chris starts to show off playing ball games in the beer garden. Chris (accidentally) Knocks out Zaras front tooth with a cricket ball- True story. [...]

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Sevenoaks 10K run!

Good day all, Team BBG are sponsoring there Sevenoaks Rotary club 10k run by raising money for the Friends of Shelby Newstead. It would be amazing for you to get involved with us! ENTER AS 'TEAM BETTER BODY RUNNER' www.runnersworld.co.uk/events On the day- Electronic Chip Timing - Free changing, toilets, supervised bag storage in Sevenoaks [...]

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22 Fat loss tips to help you smash your New Years resolutions!

2017 has snuck up quicker than it took us to smash a whole pavlova on Christmas day. With it comes the standard wave of 'New year, new you' advice from every single fitness fiend in the land. So let's take a minute to sort the wheat from the chaff. In my experience, what works for [...]

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Eat your greens! …but why?!

We all know we should have at least 5 a day, but do you know why? For health One good reason to eat your greens is that various studies have shown the higher the average daily intake of fruits and vegetables, the lower the chances of developing cardiovascular disease. Compared with those in the lowest [...]

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My Better Body Story so far- By Lucy Curtis

Once upon a time 10 years ago, I met a big, smiley, shaven headed guy with a very mixed up accent, his name; Jason Crow. I met Jason at Chaucer hospital in Canterbury where he ran a PT centre for patients. I suppose our first encounter was basically an interview, which consisted of Jason talking [...]

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