How to get the most out of your early morning sessions

The dedication of some of my clients has always impressed me and often inspires me to train harder myself, and our discussions often give me good ideas for blog articles. So, first and foremost I just wanted to shout out to the all the guys and girls I witness & train myself at 6 & [...]

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I’ve never been a sporty person or a gym fanatic

I’ve never been a sporty person or a gym fanatic so hauling my lumbering arse into the gym wasn’t a natural fit for me. The Better Body Group gym, as a whole, makes this experience as pleasant as it can be without compromising on personal results. The trainers are exceptional. Why Jimmy? I’ve been training with [...]

2 life-changing smoothies!

A massive plus side of working in a smoothie place for a few months is that you become a self-confessed smoothie connoisseur. Smoothies are a great way of getting in some protein, carbohydrate and fats during the day. Have it for breakfast, have it as a post-workout snack, have it whenever you like. Simple! Here [...]

5 easy ways to lose that Christmas Belly

Many of us will be surrounded by the scraps of the chocolate and cheese boards that we were bought during the Christmas period, there’s no point in keeping these temptations around us, it’s now time to clear out and restock with healthier food options. Investing in this initial shop will get you on the path [...]