Having spent the majority of my 30’s discovering exercise, losing a fair amount of weight and getting hooked on triathlons (as part of my “try and get fit” attitude) it all come to a sudden end when I completed an Ironman in 2012….. having given up too much family time to train for the 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and the marathon at the end, I was determined to change direction.

I’m one of those people who always needs a goal, whether it’s to complete a challenge or achieve a result….. I always need a target……. so, I decided towards the end of 2013, having been fairly “goal less” that I would try and get as lean as I could before my 40th birthday (9th Jan 2015) and the challenge was set.

I spoke to James (who had helped me train for my Ironman……I couldn’t have done it without him) and we decided that we would start from my 39th birthday and try and achieve as much as we (I say “we” as it was going to be a determined team effort!) could in the year leading up to my 40th……that way I could relax over Christmas 2013 before we started.

James provided me with a detailed diet plan, including a daily calorie target and breakdown of macros (protein, fat & carbs) along with a workout plan for 3-4 sessions/week, this would be monitored on a monthly basis and tweaked where necessary.

Having worked with James before, I had total faith in his approach…. he is not only inspiring to train with but he is professional down to the last minute detail…… once you have total trust in your trainer, everything you are faced with seems achievable.

Every month, as near to the 9th (to coincide with my birthday) I would meet with James to be weighed and measured. He would calculate my body fat (using callipers) and from the results he would adjust my diet targets and workout routine……every time I would say “are we on target?” and every time he would say….. “plenty of time yet!”

James was also keen to find out how I was feeling and if I had struggled with any aspect of my diet or workout…… and was always encouraging and constructive.

As each month passed, and my body fat steadily decreased, I relied more heavily on James’s advice…. not only for motivational tips and help with technical issues with my workout but also for interesting recipe ideas that suited my macros!

The final result was halving my body fat (20% to 10%) and a great start to my 40’s!

The next goal……… increase lean muscle mass….. and of course, James will be helping me every step of the way!