As some of you have said, I am always around then I go missing for a couple of weeks. When I’m not at work, I’m am usually found doing something to do with cricket.

For the last couple of weeks of February, I was away training with the England Cricket Team in Mumbai. The tour comprised of 3 Senior players and 5 Academy players and just as many staff! Why the hell would we go to Mumbai? Well the playing conditions are totally different to those in England, so the way I play in England means I was completely stuffed on the first day. The training camp was a great opportunity to have a decent block of training, push ourselves physically in the heat (roughly 35 degrees each day) and basically get as much wrong as possible so that we, as individuals, find out what works for us in India.

What does a typical day of training look like?

One thing all the girls have in common is our love of food so anything to do with food is a highlight of our day. At breakfast, being the super cultured person I am, I tried the spiced scrambled eggs which were delightful. Some people were less adventurous and went for normal scrambled egg but who am I to judge? The hotel ran out of Greek yogurt pots and we all nicked a few each to have as a snack when we got back from training!

Afterwards, we travelled to the cricket ground by coach and we got to see a few delights of Mumbai, like a goat being walking down the street. Every morning we trained for at least 3 hours, comprising of a mixture of batting, bowling or fielding practise with either a strength session or running session. After our usual chicken curry (apparently, there’s no such thing as not spicy), naan bread and rice for lunch, we head back out for another few hours training, building on what we focused on in the morning.  Having the senior players there was great as you get an idea of their work rate. All the academy girls upped their games to match the England Girls, which was great to be a part of. It was also pretty satisfying to see that all the hard work we have put into our fitness had paid off.

Once training was done and dusted (literally…everything we owned was now orange from the dust), we headed back to the hotel. I was one of the few to head straight to the pool after I’d had a cup of tea, whilst reevaluating my life after an epic day’s training! Tired does not cover it sometimes. Burnt also does not even really cover it…

In the evening, there wasn’t that much to do so we did what we did best and took ourselves to the buffet and we did our best at finding anything that was not spicy. Feeling very full, my roomie and I took ourselves off to bed, watched a movie in the evening and got ready to do it all again the next day.

I’ve been lucky to have played cricket in several countries and each has their own challenge! India, at just under 40 degrees, is a tad hot for someone who has to wear factor 50 sun cream in England. India is a wonderful place! Not just because they love cricket so much (I mean the club had already trained before we got there at 8:30 am and then stayed there all day to train with us!), but there is just so much going on. Goats are being walked down the street, people walking through the middle of giant crossroads with their food stall, markets along the street and Tuk-Tuks that don’t stop for anything. It was completely mad and I loved it!