George. Before and After shots


“Sam is a very resourceful trainer when it comes to getting the most out of someone. His sessions are always focused around my weaknesses but he also ensures all the major muscle groups are hit hard with the BIG compound exercises. I always know when he has a tough session planned out for me; the sadistic grin on his face while he’s setting up the equipment gives it away. After the strength training whether its barbell complexes, high intensity interval training or resisted band sprints he always burns me out at the end of the workout. If you’re driven by results I would highly recommend Sam.”


George is definitely one of my hardest working clients and has some great results to show for it. Following our BBG diet program he had an amazing transformation in just 6 weeks (pictures 1-2) and has continued to progress with his physique over the last few months (pictures 2-3). It’s great to train someone who enjoys training as much (if not more!) than I do, he now trains 6 times per week without fail with a mixture of strength and Crossfit training and doesn’t seem to stop improving, keep it up George!


Sam Austin

Exercise Specialist

Better Body Group, Sevenoaks