Getting Ready for the Summer Holidays

Spring is here and it is time to start planning for your summer holiday, not just dreaming about it! Getting your body ready for the beach isn’t as much hard work as you might think, and with a few tips you could be ready in no time.

Exercise Every Day – It is actually easier to do a bit of exercise everyday than it is to schedule longer training sessions every few days. Getting into a daily habit will help you to stick to training over the long-term.

Focus on Intensity – It is a good first step to start exercising regularly, but you have to think about how intense the sessions is, rather than how long it lasts. Short interval, high intensity training helps to produce the best results.

Tailor Your Diet – Don’t just snack on healthy looking snacks, take a deeper look at your diet. Cut out processed foods, eat more fruit and vegetables and control your portion size.

Don’t Overdo It – Starting too fast and too intense will just burn you out, and put you off continuing to train. Put a plan in place that allows for a gradual growth in intensity and length of training sessions and your body will respond in a positive fashion.

At the Better Body Group we have experienced personal trainers who can help you put together a plan to get beach ready for the summer holidays. It’s all about keeping progress going, rather than a late splurge, so come on down and we’ll be happy to help you put together a schedule that suits you.

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