Why do I go to the Better Body Group gym? To lose weight and get fitter and, because somewhat perversely, I enjoy it!

How could you not. Everyone from the staff on the front desk to all the trainers make you feel so welcome. You are given masses of encouragement from everybody even when you may have never had a training session with them or even met them before. It is also very noticeable that this extends to other gym members. I think we all appreciate seeing improvement in others as well as ourselves. Somewhat like a large extended family.

I presently share a PT session with my friend Karen under the watchful eye of the lovely Lucy who has become a really good friend to us both. She can be tough on us but that is only because she knows the level of what we can achieve and will push us to attain it. OK, so I’ve not lost as much weight as I would have liked, but it is dropping off slowly. However I am much more toned and so very much fitter. My dodgy back, which has been the bane of my life for over 30 years, hardly ever twinges now and I am sure it is due to the regular exercise and stretching.

The emphasis on personal training at BBG gives way to healthy competition and, whatever your level of fitness or your personal goals, the continuous praise for even the smallest of achievements gives you the confidence and incentive to keep going. There is some excellent hi tech equipment to use in the gym but there are very many exercises that can be done without it. Who would have thought a large rubber band could be so beneficial!

Thank you to Lucy and everyone at BBG for the unceasing support.