Life is chaos for me! Point.

Here in the gym at Better Body Group, Sevenoaks, I have found my quiet chaos.

I count myself as lucky to have been introduced to Bex.

It’s been a year since joining the gym while working through my ‘stuff’.

Since meeting Bex this young lady has managed to get herself even more qualified in her studies! Proven herself to get elected for Olympic lifting and Women’s rugby on a very high level! She’s started a ladies lifting class to help women gain confidence. She’s an ambassador for ‘This Girl Can’ campaign and she does constant charitable work and also helps to promote fitness and injury advice at networking within the community!

Robocop (Robilina) surely not, as I’ve seen her battle her own high and lows. Yet, she still comes to work with a smile, with advice and help on hand and makes times to listen. In return I’ve not ever known Bex to accept a thank you, well maybe a Latté 😉

I see Bex as a valued person in not only society but a gift to the health and fitness industry! I’m super proud of her and learn a lot from her and find health and fitness to be inspirational and she leads by example.

What you learn and take away from a session whether its training or going for physio is invaluable. Bex has got a lot of knowledge and it’s helped me a great deal in training. We take our trainers for granted sometimes but I’ve seen how much care and attention along with planning goes into each session. She’s a connector and people’s person.

I look forward to when my chaos becomes a bit calmer but it’s great to know I’ve got such an awesome person in my corner! I’d like to say thank you as it’s not easy for everyone walking through that door.

Thank you for all your help and those 3 magical words: ‘Look after yourself!’ Please, do book a session with Bex! I guarantee you change! Melodramatic I think not, excited about the future, yep!

Latas! 🙂