How do we lift correctly?

In the gym is where you learn how to lift and move correctly with efficiency and free of pain

Out in the real world is (arguably) where it really counts as we lift and move objects thousands of times a day and if we do so incorrectly we cause unnecessary wear and tear on our joints particularly our spine.

The spine is a very important piece of kit and if there are any issues with the spine and/or structures around it then this can cause a cascade of problems throughout the body like movement problems and predisposition to musco-skeletal and neural injuries which trust me you don’t want

The 2 fundamental ways in which we lift are:

  • The Hip Hinge
  • The Squat

The Hip Hinge

A common error with the Hip Hinge is that people load their lumbar spines and round their shoulders to reach or manoeuvre an object which puts excess load on the lumbar spine (lower back) thousands of times a day which accumulatively can leave your spine at risk of serious injury

It also encourages your shoulders to round and that is not where they want to be which encourages poor shoulder movement and muscular function which can cause accumulative injury and problems later in life.

Picture 1 – Demonstrates an incorrect hip hinge loading the lower back and rounding the shoulders

Avoid this please!

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Picture 2 – Demonstrates a correct hip hinge loading the hamstrings and encouraging the shoulders to stay back in position

Use this one as much as you want!

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The squat

A common error with the squat is that people allow the torso to collapse and much like the hip hinge fault the lumbar spine is loaded excessively and even if the load is a pencil, over years and years of incorrect lifting this can cause avoidable wear and tear and eventual injury and the need for physiotherapy or surgery.

Picture 3 – Demonstrates an incorrect squat where the torso is leant forwards excessively loading the lower back

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Picture 4 – Demonstrates a correct squat while lifting which uses the lower body to lift the load and not the bony structures of the spine

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  • Learn to lift and manoeuvre objects correctly ensuring you don’t overuse your precious structures and create a pain free and happy life.

Enjoy! Any questions, you know where to find me!

James Allen,
Exercise Specialist
Better Body Group
Personal Training Sevenoaks

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