How to have a HEALTHY CHRISTMAS ??

The festive season is finally here, that time where family and friends get together and spend a large amount of time eating and drinking. So how do you make sure these calories don’t start to add up? How do you ensure that you have a healthy Christmas? A few of my clients have been asking me so here are my top tips:


– Make sure you get your workout in on Christmas Eve, don’t worry about spending time with family members – fitness comes first! If anything you spend too long with them anyway.


– Prepare some overnight oats the night before Christmas so you’re not tempted by that champagne breakfast!


– Make yourself do 20 squats before going downstairs to open those presents. No squats = no gifts!


– Put your running shoes on before you put lunch in the oven and go for a quick half an hour run, you’ll be back just in time to check the food.


– Limit the carbs, no roast potatoes for you and stay away from those Yorkshires!


– Skip the calorific pudding. Whilst everyone’s eating Christmas pudding or chocolate cake maybe opt for a low fat yogurt instead. Yummy!


– Come Boxing Day chuck all the remainders of Christmas dinner away, the family may hate you for it but at least you won’t be tempted to snack on those delicious chipolatas.


– Don’t go out this New Year… just don’t! Do you realise what you ate over Christmas?!


Pfffft who are you kidding?!

Why should you have to worry about a healthy Christmas, terrified about losing that body you’ve worked so hard for. It’s 1 week of the year from Christmas Eve through to New Year. Enjoy yourself, you spend your whole year working hard – you deserve a break.

Believe me when I say you won’t lose a whole years worth of hard work in a week. So don’t panic yourself. It’s about socialising with loved ones and embracing the traditions that you always have over the years. Just make sure come New Year you accept that the festive season is over, you stop with the junk food and get back to eating the way you did before. Most importantly make sure your face is back in the gym – we’ll be looking for you!

Have a very merry, guilt-free Christmas you deserve it!

Rebecca Collingwood

Better Body Group, Sevenoaks