“I had a wake up call”

I had a wake up call in January when my doctor told me that unless I lost weight and changed my diet I was at high risk of type 2 diabetes. I have a busy life and have often used that as the excuse for not exercising. Over the years I have been a member of a number of gyms and have even had a personal trainer but it always felt like a chore…. Not so any more since I joined the Better Body Group and met Sam Austin and the team.


I signed up with Better Body Group in mid January and in a sad, and possibly masochistic way, I am loving it! I train twice a week with Sam and have lost count of the number of ways that he can find to keep exercise interesting. I have lost 7kg and feel healthier than I have done for years. This is even more remarkable given that, 4 weeks into training, I went skiing and managed to tear my anterior cruciate ligament in my knee. With my right leg in a brace I emailed Sam with the bad news. His response was that we would find ways of exercising the upper body until the physio allowed me to do more. Hats off to Sam (and also Rebecca, Ollie and Dan who looked after me when Sam was on holiday) for being so creative in finding ways to continue exercising with a totally immobile leg.


Sam is now a master of seated / kneeling boxing, and a plethora of exercises which don’t involve any knee twisting and my rehab is coming on really well. He also works well with my physio who is also based at the gym translating her requests for new muscles to be exercised as I progress into a range of new and challenging exercises.


Sam is unfailingly cheerful, whether early In the morning or at the last session of the day, often still bouncing around like a Tigger and taking great delight in coming up with new methods of torture for muscles which I never knew existed… Sam, please remind me why I need to exercise these muscles which have been happily dormant for over 50 years?


The beauty of all the above is that Sam achieves a good balance between giving me lots of encouragement whilst working me very hard- well beyond what I would be motivated to do by myself and pushing me to achieve new goals.


The atmosphere at BBG is one of a very happy family from the moment you walk through the door, all the reception staff and trainers greet you like old friends and make you feel so welcome.


I highly recommend Sam as a personal trainer whatever your goals are. He is also very knowledgeable about nutrition and also encouraged me to set goals to monitor and managed my food intake. I am looking forward to being totally rehabbed and able to take part in the next Transformation Challenge.