For the couple of months prior to embarking on a 6 week fitness challenge, I had been dipping in and out of training sessions with my mum at the Better Body Group. I really enjoyed the sessions but did not feel committed as I was not working towards any specific goal and I had no way to measure my improvement.

We decided to do a 6 week challenge – to be the best that we could be. We gave ourselves 6 weeks and Lucy tested our fitness so we could benchmark our progress. Lucy worked with us to make each session a challenge and for us to push ourselves so that we could reach our fitness goal. Lucy was very supportive throughout the 6 weeks and her creativity, energy and motivation helped us to challenge ourselves.

I am really happy with the before and after photos but for me, after 6 weeks, I feel the achievement has been in my increased fitness levels. I smashed the challenges that I had been set and felt the satisfaction of knowing that I had tried my hardest and done my best.

Thank you, Lucy!