Every time I go through the door of the Better Body Group I am reminded of why I’m here. I love the friendly greeting I receive, always by name, each time I enter the gym by all of the trainers. Like all clients, I am made to feel welcome and valued. And each time I leave the gym, I am reminded about the other reason that I keep coming back. . . I have experienced incredible results!!

I have seen the business grow over the past 6 ½ years from a small gym with few pieces of equipment above a local shop to the amazing gym it now is. Aside from the expansion of and changes to the physical space, nothing has really changed. Yes, there are a lot more clients and trainers, but the same personal attention, ability to motivate and constant encouragement to progress is still there. I started initially training with Jason, who excels in making middle aged women comfortable in a gym environment. I trained with Jason for four years, during which time I progressed from getting breathless walking up stairs to completing two walking marathons.

I have been training with Lucy for the past year and a half. I needed to “up my game” to prepare for the Coast to Coast walk and Lucy helped me do just that. She quickly assessed my physical (and mental!) level and limitations and developed a plan to overcome each obstacle I threw at her. For example, I had convinced myself that, because of balance issues, I could not do lunges. Within three sessions with Lucy, she had proven me wrong. I actually could do them; it was all in my head. Now I know that if Lucy sets a task for me, it is definitely within my capability. It may be difficult and challenging, but if she says I can do it, I know I can. My training sessions with Lucy are fun as well as challenging. She keeps me smiling and laughing even when doing the toughest exercises. She takes a personal interest in every client she has and her passion for exercise and healthy living is contagious. I cannot believe that I have achieved the fitness level that I now enjoy. I love the challenge of trying to increase my strength and endurance.

With Lucy’s encouragement, I have signed up for two half marathons and the South Downs Way walk over the next six months. If anyone had told me five years ago that I would be doing this, I would have told them they were crazy. Now I realise that maybe it’s me who’s crazy, but I’ve never felt fitter, more motivated or more energised.

Thank you Lucy, Jason and the Better Body Group for helping to challenge me to set and achieve my fitness goals!

Kehrela Hodkinson (63 years old)