I’m incredibly proud of her…

I started training Marian as part of the 6 week Shape Off, where she showed impressive dedication by training every single day for 6 weeks – yes even Sunday’s! Unsurprisingly she got an amazing result during the initial 6 weeks!

Since then almost more impressively in my eyes, has been Marian’s amazing commitment and consistency with training in the last 6 months. During my many years as a trainer I’ve seen countless people commit for 6-8 weeks and do really well but unfortunately let it slip in the following months and regain their weight. Despite periods of low motivation and high motivation Marian has never stopped coming to the gym and staying active (5 times a week no less!). 6 months later and you can see from the after shots she has completely changed her body shape as well as getting much stronger, fitter, healthier and hopefully happier! Throughout all of this she has put up with my really terrible jokes and banter so kudos for that as well!

I’m incredibly proud of her and glad that all the pain and suffering in the gym has paid off ?

Joe x

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