I have been training on and off with Better Body Group for the past few years and can still recall the old gym where the main staircase was the most used piece of exercise equipment!

I am currently training with Bridie since the beginning of May 2017. My goal is to lose some weight and some of the stubborn fat around my middle and generally tone up. Our sessions are always hard work but always with an element of fun and enjoyment which is so important to keep me motivated.

Bridie plans the sessions with a mixture between strength and aerobic exercises, my overall strength and fitness has improved in a short space of time and I am able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. Bridie has given excellent nutrition advice and regularly checks and discusses with me to ensure I am keeping to the correct foods etc. and not divulging in the wrong food or drink, especially alcohol . Bridie encourages regular exercise outside the gym and I often get a text message just to remind me what exercise I am supposed to be doing on that particular day. All in all, I am very impressed with Bridie and genuinely look forward to our sessions.

A note from Bridie:

Gurmal ,what a joy!! When Gurmal first visited we talked through his goals and what he wanted to achieve, establishing the main goal as weight loss. From this, Gurmal trains twice a week in the gym with me. We work on compound exercises such as squats and deadlifts, in addition we also include aerobic work such a rope slams/pulls and boxing. An element to the training is also directed towards improving Gurmal’s upper body strength. Gurmal had an injury to his shoulders years ago leaving him with a weak right arm, therefore we are working to improve that, and things are going well. Despite me pushing him hard, we always have a great laugh. Gurmal not only trains hard in the gym, we also have a focus on getting high calorie expenditure outside of the gym, such as getting him to walk to work instead of getting a bus, take the stairs and partake in weekend cycle rides. During the sessions we also chat about diet and ensure the correct low sugar diet is being consumed. Gurmal works very hard and we are on the road to great things, we’ve already achieved weight loss and all round increased motivation in himself to smash it and do well!

I very much enjoy my time with Gurmal and I am looking forward to what we are going to be able to achieve.