Jas is an excellent personal trainer.  He is enthusiastic, technically proficient and focused on achieving results. He structures the training sessions around the particular needs of the individual using exercises and fitness machines appropriate to those needs.  These are varied from week to week to ensure you are exposed to a range of different activities.  Of particular note are the boxing sessions which are an excellent all round form of exercise.  He encourages his clients to perform at a high level but is acutely aware that we all have our limitations!  He is particularly strong on improving flexibility and in turn posture.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a trainer to anyone.



Giles has been a pleasure to work with and we have come a long way from when we first started training together. He recently hit a PB of 10 unassisted ring chin ups, we were both so chuffed when he did this for the first time! Currently Giles works with both James Allen and I. I think James would agree that Giles is everything a trainer would want in a client. Giles is always up for a challenge and pushes himself hard in our sessions. At the same time he is aware of his own unique personal limitations, and finds value in correcting and working on them so we can progress safely and consistently. He soaks up all the teaching points and works on little things like posture and mobility in his own time so we can really maximise the work we do in our sessions. Keep it up Giles!



Progression is key

The key to any effective trainer client relationship, in my opinion, is actively working towards progression in your sessions. Seeing progress is mutually satisfying for both trainer and client. Whether this is a weight loss or body composition goal is up to you. On top of this overarching goal I also like to include and see improvement in more specific progression goals which can be divided into the following:

  • Progressive strength – slowly and safely increasing the load or reps used on a few key compound movements such as squats/RDLs etc. This will not only make you stronger but can increase muscle tone and improve body shape as well as burn a lot of calories.
  • Progressive mobility – increasing range of motion and control of motion at specific joints where there may be an initial limitation. This tends to be an issue around the ankles, hips and thoracic spine in the majority of people. Increasing mobility in key areas opens up the ability to use a lot of new effective exercises as well as improving posture and just functional ability in day to day tasks. This all translates to a reduction in injury risk and chronic pain.
  • Progressive technique – making slow additions in cues and teaching points to help increase performance and client mastery in exercises. This will help with increasing overall work load safely. The more competent a client gets at performing exercises the more confident I become in them including the big compound exercises in their own solo sessions. I also like to take this approach with pad work or punching the bag as it helps clients to get more out of their training.

Jas Sandhu

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