So… New years day 2017 – having walked up the stairs out of breath – 120kg enough was enough! I started looking on the internet for a local gym to get me back to a reasonable size that I was before I gave up smoking 5 years ago!


BBG immediately came up on google and the testimonials themselves made for impressive reading, I was looking to lose a lot of weight and my wife wanted to train with me and support me in the process. I phoned initially to enquire and spoke with Jason who invited us down that afternoon to speak with him and take a look around the gym. He immediately put us at ease in this unfamiliar environment and after discussing what we wanted to get out of the gym and a lifestyle change, we were introduced to Elly Rees- BBG’s answer to an extremely healthy Mary Berry!


Elly provided us both with fantastic individual personalised nutritional meal plans to help us achieve our weight loss goals, this included everything from meal planning through to what I can buy for lunch from a service station when I’m travelling round the country. Elly was so friendly we decided we’d like to take up PT sessions with her. Well, looks can be deceiving because boy does she work us hard… all with good intentions and now 2.5 stone lighter, I am well on the way to my target weight. Every session is varied and with laughs along the way the hour flies by, she truly can work miracles!


The group classes at BBG are full on and fast paced with excellent PT instructors giving sound advice and encouragement throughout the session, I regularly go along 8am on a Saturday morning for Jimmy’s Boxercise class. A great way to start the weekend and take away the week’s frustrations out on the boxing bag.


I would highly recommend BBG and all their trainers, if you are looking to lose weight, make a big lifestyle change or tone up this is the place that it can all be achieved.




Feel free to contact us at BBG here