Shaheen came to the Better Body Shop after, like most people, trying all the fashionable diet plans losing a little, but putting more back on again. She knew she had to change her lifestyle, learn about exercise and how to eat to burn fat and fuel her muscles for exercise. She appeared confident on the outside, always the joker, taking the knocks, holding her head high as she walked down the street, but crying inside as people stared at her and she heard comments behind her back.

In the pictures you see she is over 20 stone, her starting point. Her dream was to be 10 stone, be able to buy clothes off high street pegs, wear killer heels and to walk down the street feeling happy inside. We set the goal 10 stone, she trained once a week with us to build her fitness levels, adhered strictly to the Truth eating plan and fitted in her daily walk for the fat burning.

At 14 stone Shaheen started to shine, she decided to resign from her existing job as a pharmaceuticals sales rep and train to be a teacher, a job she had always wanted to do, but would never have dared to stand in front of a group of teenage children fearing ridicule.

At 12 stone she met Tim. Her whole life transformed.

Finally at 10 stone we had many heartbreaking conversations, she had reached her goal, a superb achievement, however there was another large hurdle to face, Shaheen had achieved so much, but was left with the excess skin on her abdomen from being overweight for many years while growing up. She did decide to opt for surgery to remove the excess skin. The day came, all went well, the bandages were on and she faced 6 weeks of recovery. The day the bandages were removed was emotional for all of us, we visited her at home, and cried, she looked fantastic, but most importantly there was a sparkle in her eye that had intensified, she had done it, she was there, and there was no going back. Recovered from the operation the next task was to build back abdominal strength and develop an ongoing programme, a breeze after all that had passed.

We are proud to have shared this part of Shaheen’s life, been there through the ups and downs. She remains at 9 and a half stone, and now all we have to do is prepare for a wedding! Looking at what the last 24 months has held for her, we can only imagine what she will go on to do.

Congratulations Shaheen and Tim we wish you all the happiness in the world.