Lucy has been amazing

The word ‘exercise’ always had negative connotations in my head – although I knew I wanted to tone up and get fitter, I lacked the motivation and partner to get up and do it! My school gym would have the basic machines and equipment but I would have no clue how to use them, making them intimidating and almost unapproachable.

This August Lucy took these pictures of me, to improve my body shape to make me stronger, fitter and to improve my confidence of the gym before I started uni.

I’m really happy with my pictures and fitness levels but what I really love, is from not knowing how to squat to squatting 55kg!

Lucy has been amazing, not only have I been able to benefit from her expert knowledge in all things fitness related but I’ve also gained a gym partner and friend who can motivate me and push me to do that extra rep.


I now can’t wait to checkout the uni gym!!


See you in December Lucy


p.s. These pictures were taken 4 weeks apart!

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