Our client Kathryn suffers with lymphoedema, that’s what some of us trainers do here at the Better Body Group, we train clients with health issues and medical problems that would otherwise get exacerbated and need a close eye on.

Here’s some wise words from the lady behind the ‘fat foot’ as she calls it about her experiences training here at BBG with Bex….

“Who wouldn’t want a better body?”

‘I guess that is a major factor in the success story of my old friend Jason Crow. He’s gone from a loose arrangement with a physiotherapist in a Sevenoaks clinic to be the swanky owner of a multi-million pound high tech, state of the art gym, via a lawn mower shop, in just over 10 years.

Jason and his business partner will forgive me the poetic licence in the previous paragraph. But it is a good gym and they do get results.

So who else should I turn to when my body wasn’t behaving? I needed to do some exercise which didn’t aggravate my fat foot and which I could stick to. Weight loss was necessary as well to manage the lymphoedema so that was a big part of heading to the Better Body Group just over a year ago.

Sadly it wasn’t just a question of handing over money and getting a better body in return.

I definitely did hand over money and still do every week. In return for my money I get the personal training services of the lovely Bex on a one to one basis.  As well as being a rugby player, champion weight lifter and sports masseuse she puts me through my paces.  We are working on strength, cardio fitness and core improvement. She takes it in small stages so that we can work out the effect on the fat foot and monitors my weight and measurements.

And it’s working. I have lost a stone and seem to be managing the swelling.

The fact that I make a commitment to see Bex every week and pay for the pleasure, means I have stuck at it and have prioritised it over the thousand other things that demand my time. Although I do know that to achieve my goals I need to allocate more time it. It’s a work in progress.

And they did used to be based in a lawnmower shop’

Kathryn writes a blog entitled ‘The fat foot’ and for more good humour and experiences of a lymphoedema sufferer you can check it out here….  https://fatfootblog.wordpress.com/