When it comes to dieting, there is so much information on what we should be doing, what we should be eating and when we should be eating it but there is a lack of information and advice on how to successfully move away from a diet without undoing all your hard work.

Whilst dieting is a great way to shed that extra bit of weight, it’s important that we understand that dieting must have a determined time frame, with achievable results and is not a lifestyle, for many reasons both psychological and physical.

Many a times we see fantastic achievements in our 6 week transformations but prior to this, many of us struggle to adapt back into the daily routine without completely obliterating the weight loss that we worked so hard for. So this week, we thought we would share our top tips.

  1. Pick your takeaways– more than a fast fix, our transformations are there to educate our clients on the decisions that they should be making in their day-to-day lives. Take some time to look at what you have changed during your diet and pick 5 things that you feel are most sustainable to maintain. For example, if you cut out snacking, try and keep this up as it will help keep your calories down.
  2. Be clear with what you are trying to achieve in this next stage – Are you trying to lose weight or do you want maintain? This is very important, as some of us will expect to carry on losing weight whilst on maintenance calories, finding themselves disappointed when weight-loss stalls. If you are looking to carry on losing weight, you will need to establish a new calorie deficit as this will have changed from initial calories set due to recent weight loss.
  3. Don’t guess: seek advice on how many calories you should be consuming – Don’t make assumptions on what or how much you should be eating. Ask your nutritionist to provide you with a maintenance calorie goal and carry on tracking. Even if you don’t track rigorously like you did when dieting, this will help avoid overindulging.
  4. Keep up your NEAT and exercise as much as possible – it’s likely that you are unable maintain the same level of exercise that you did during your transformation, whether this be due to money or time restriction. Consider taking the stairs and/or walking to work to keep up your NEAT or ask your trainer to find you a buddy with same goals and fitness levels as you to allow you to carry on training.
  5. Consider introducing healthy routines that will help keep stress levels at bay and will aid sleep– if you’ve been dieting, exercising, working, trying to keep the house in order as well as all the other pressures that are present in daily life, the likelihood is that your stress levels may have increased and your sleep has been upset slightly. Consider using a mindfulness app before bed, which can help reduce stress and prepare you for a good night’s sleep which will in turn reduce the possibility of making wrong decisions (anxious eating/binging) when it comes to choosing food during the day.

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