I’ve been on an incredibly rewarding journey with Graham over the last 9 months. I came running through BBG’s door, desperate to shed my pregnancy weight, not knowing the rewarding journey that was awaiting me.

I’d set myself a stretching target to lose 18kg over a 6 month period, and to my own surprise, I’ve managed to lose 23kg.

Graham kept on setting exciting goals for me throughout this time.  He has this unique ability to skilfully identify creative and innovative new solutions to take your capabilities to a new level, no matter what injuries or physical barriers you may have. He shows a deep understanding of the science which is evident in the way he coaches and ultimately in the results he achieves. He is always paying careful attention to every technique and movement, being very observant and able to identify problems early on.

He is your go-to-guy, with his positive energy, and passion for developing performance through appropriate, effective exercises. I feel fantastically energised, physically and mentally, prepared to take up any challenge now. I can feel how I’m getting stronger every day; at this pace I’ll be capable of carrying my baby boy around up until his 18th birthday!